Little Leaguers of Kenosha

'Just Say No To Drugs'


  • Teams will play everyone in their bracket once
  • The 11/12 league will have a crossover game
  • The teams with the best record in each bracket will advance to the semi-finals
  • Dates for the semi-finals and championship game are TBA
  • All league rules will apply
  • In case of a tie, winners will be determined by: 
    1. Pool record
    2. Head-to-head competition
    3. Run differential in head-to-head competition

* Protests are NOT allowed


  • There is no time limit, all games will play 6 full innings
  • The 10 run rule is in effect
  • The 9/10 league will use the 5 run maximum rule for the first three innings
  • All pitch count rules apply