Little Leaguers of Kenosha




  • 8/9 Year-old league
    • No inning to start after one and half hours, unless game is tied
  • 10/11 Year-old league
    • No inning to start after one and half hours, unless game is tied


  • For ALL leagues, if a pitcher walks four consecutive batters, in one inning, that pitcher must be replaced.
  • For number of pitchers allowed, please see local rules.
  • A pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the catcher position for the remainder of that day.
  • If a player catches more than 3 innings, the player is not allowed to pitch.
  • The home team has the official pitch count sheet. It is to be signed by BOTH managers after the game and brought to the concession stand.

Pitching With Double Headers

  • If a pitcher throws 20 or less pitches in game one, said player may pitch in game two, to the daily maximum pitch count.
  • If a player throws more than 20 pitches in game one, said player may NOT pitch in the second game.
  • If a player catches more than 3 innings in game one, said player may pitch in the second game.


8/9 Year-old League

  • Base stealing is permitted, only second and third bases.
  • Base runner can only score from third on a batted ball or bases loaded walk.

11/12 Year-old League

  • Runners can advance at their own risk to any base.
  • Stealing of home is permissible.

Dropped Third Strike

  • Only applies to the 10/11 year-old league.


  • There will be a continuous batting order for both leagues.
  • 8/9 year-old league
    • Teams are only allowed to score 5 runs an inning in the first four (4) innings of a game.


  • There will be free substitution for both leagues.
  • Once a player is removed as a pitcher, that player may not pitch again in that game.
  • If a player is removed from the catcher position, re-enters as a catcher and you want this player to pitch, this player cannot catch more than 3 total innings.
  • If a player catches then pitches and throws more than 41 pitches, that player may not re-enter the catcher’s position.


  • Any person assisting the team, on the field, for practice and/or game, must be registered.


  • All manager, coaches, and players must be in complete uniform in order to participate in the game. See local rules.
  • No flip-flops are allowed to be worn on the field or in the dugout by players, managers, or coaches.
  • Only league issued wood bats are allowed for the 10/11 year-old league.
  • Only Little League approved metal bats with the USA stamp are permitted. The barrel may be 2 1/2 inches in diameter.
  • Only league issued batting helmets are to be used.

All other local & Little League rules will be followed. They can be found on the website.