Little Leaguers of Kenosha

69th Annual 12 Year Old

All Star Game Summary

June 19th, 2022

The All Stars again were voted in to represent their team in the 69th annual classic. The 2022 American League captain was Chase Meier and National League captain was Brian Portilia. The captains then selected their respective teammates.

American League Roster:
Manager – Adam Meier. Coaches – DJ Meier, Dwight Bradley. Players – Nick Falk, Tytus Nichter, Chase Meier, Cullen St. Martin, Liam O’Connell, Noah Parker, Micah Voight, Nathan Ebner, Micah Parkinson, Mallory Meier, Cameron Collum, Chase Haubrich, Dionte Dolly.

National League Roster: 
Manager – Nick Schmidt. Coaches – Brian Portilia, Chris Jeserig. Players – Parker Jeserig, Brian Portilia, Ben Smet-Cooper, Owen Gavinski, Lelsnd Tisdale, Nick Schmidt, Jaylen Young, Maxwell Jenkins, Kellan Konicki, Max Payette, Brady Luhr, Finn Bennett, Carson Hanson.

Top of 1st

Tytus Nichter, pitching.

Parker Jesserig, strikes out. Brian Portilia doubles to left. Ben Smet-Cooper strikes out. Owen Gavinski goes down swinging.

Bottom of 1st

Ben Smet-Cooper, pitching.

Nick Falk strikes out but reaches first on a passed ball. Tytus Nichter doubles to right, bringing Falk home. Chase Meier singles to left, loading the bases.. Cullen St.Martin draws a walk scoring Nichter. Noah Parker and Micah Voight struck out to end the inning.

American 4 National 0

Top of 2nd

Micah Voight, pitching.

Leland Tisdale reaches on an error. Nick Schmidt grounds out to the pitcher. Tisdale advanced to second. Tisdale scores on a wild pitch. Young singles to left field. Maxwell Jenkins follows with a single to left. Kellan Konecki lines out to short and Jeserig flies out to center.

Bottom of 2nd

Jaylen Young, pitching.

Micah Parkinson strikes out. Nathan Ebner grounds out to third and Falk flies out to center to end the inning.

American 4 National 1

Top of 3rd

Noah Parker, pitching.

Jeserig leads off with a walk. Portilia triples and Jeserig scores. Smet-Cooper is hit by a pitch. Gavinski walks, loading the bases. Tisdale walked, forcing Smet-Cooper to score. Schmidt strikes out. Young is walked. Jenkins singles to left, scoring Gavinski. Konicki reaches on a fielder’s choice, scoring Tisdale. Jeserig ended the inning grounding out to second.

Bottom of 3rd

Owen Gavinski, pitching.

Nichter leads off with a triple to right. Chase Meier doubles to right center scoring Nichter. Meier scores on St. Martin’s single to right center. O’Connell followed with a single to right, loading the bases. Parker strikes out. Voight walks, forcing home St. Martin. Parkinson is safe on an error, plating St. Martin. Ebner strikes out to end the inning.

American 8 National 5

Top of 4th

Cameron Collum, pitching.

Jeserig is called out on strikes. Portilia walks. Smet-Cooper looks at strike three. Max Payette flies out to right to end the inning.

Bottom of 4th

Nick Schmidt, pitching.

Mallory Meier leads off with a single to left. Steals second and crosses the plate on a passed ball. Collum reaches on a dropped third strike and eventually scores on a wild pitch. Chase Haubrich strikes out. Dionte Dolly looks at strike three. Micah Parkinson strikes out to end the inning.

American 10 National 5

Top of 5th

Chase Haubrich, pitching.

Brady Luhr doubles to let. Schmidt grounds out to short. Finn Bennett grounds out to the pitcher. Jenkins singles to left bringing Luhr home. Carson Hanson strikes out looking to end the inning.

Bottom of 5th

Carson Hanson, pitching.

Voight strikes out. Chase Meier flies out to center. Nichter pops up to the first basemen.

American 10 National 6

Top of 6th

Chase Meier, pitching.

Jeserig pops up to second base. Portilia grounds out to short. Smet-Cooper walks. Payette strikes out and reaches first on a dropped third strike. Luhr is called out on strikes, ending the inning.

Bottom of 6th

Maxwell Jenkins, pitching.

Falk grounds out to second. Mallory Meier singles to right. Collum grounds out to the pitcher. Haubrich draws a base on balls. Dionte Dolly looks at strike three.

American 10 National 6

Top of 7th

Cullen St.Martin, pitching.

Jeserig looks at strike three. Portilia pops up to first base. Smet-Cooper flies out to center.

Bottom of 7th

Max Payette, pitching.

Nichter singles to right, advances to third on wild pitches and scores on a throwing error. Falk reaches first on a dropped third strike and scores on Chase Meier’s single to left. St.Martin pops up to short. Meier scores on a passed ball. O’Connell flies out to center. Mallory Meier strikes out to end the inning.

American 13 National 6

Top of 8th

Liam O’Connell, pitching.

Payette walks. Jenkins looks at strike three. Young draws a walk. Payette scores as Young is thrown out trying to steal second. The inning ends as Bennett flies out to center.

Bottom of 8th

Leland Tisdale, pitching.

Collum lines out to short. Haubrich strikes out. Parkinson singles to center and scores on Nichter’s double to left center. Falk doubles to left, scoring Parkinson and Nichter. Chase Meier pops out to the pitcher to end the inning.

American 15 National 7

Top of 9th

Nick Falk, pitching.

Falk strikes out the side, Hanson, Schmidt, and Luhr.

Final score: American 15 National 7

2022 Skills Competition Winners

Base RunningMallory Meier
Ben Smet- Cooper
Throwing AccuracyMaxwell Jenkins
Lenox Evangelista
Homerun Derby & T-Mobile ChampionTytus Nichter