Little Leaguers of Kenosha

69th Annual 12 Year Old

All Star Game Summary

June 20th, 2021

The All Stars again were voted in to represent their team in the 69th annual classic. The American League co-captains were Henry McTernan & Tino Santarelli and the National League co-captains were Patrick Davidson & Landon Moreland. The boys then selected their teammates for their respective teams.


American League

Co-managers: Brian McTernan & Greg Santarelli. Coaches, Josh Prybylski & Jeremy Strickland.

Players:  Chris Kenesie, Tino Santarelli, Joey Prybylski, Brody Strickland, Ben Blatter, Lucas Tift, Dylan Schnaare, Ashton Scheele, Cooper Ruffner,Dylan Germain, Charlie Guttormsen, Blake Quinones, Nathan Jaffray, Brody Gehrke, Henry McTernan, Corbin Hansler, Jonathan Arnold, & Tyler Anderson.

National League:

Co-managers: Jed Davidson & Steve Moreland. Coaches: Brian DiVito & Mike Roehl.

Players: Patrick Davidson, Landon Moreland, Logan DiVito, Braxton Danielson, JD Litkey, Isaiah Barlow, Payton Weide, Jarret Fonk, Carter Allen, Matthew Bauman, Jacob Johnson, Julian Gutierrez, Johnny Roehl, Austin Ballard, Connor Wilson, Brady McGovern, Aiden Kilman, & Colin Schwandt.

Prior to the game there was a skills competition for every 12 year old in the program.

The winners were:

  • Running; Connor Wilson
  • Pitching; Logan DiVito
  • Hitting; Chris Kenesie
  • Throwing Accuracy; Joey Santelli
  • Home Run Derby & T-Mobile champion; Chris Kenesie

Top of 1st

Isaiah Barlow pitching;

Chris Kenesie leads off with a single to center field. Tino Santarelli follows with a single to right field. Kenesie scores on a wild pitch. Joey Prybylski is hit by a pitch Brody Strickland pops out to first. Ben Blatter doubles to right center scoring Santarelli & Prybylski. Lucas Tift & Dylan Schnaare are retired in order.

Bottom of 1st;

Cooper Ruffner, pitching;

Patrick Davidson & Landon Moreland stike out. Logan DiVito flies out to left to end the inning

American 2 National 0

Top of 2nd

Landon Moreland, pitching;

Ashton Scheele grounds out to the pitcher. Cooper Ruffner walks and scores on a passed ball. Kenesie doubles to right and is thrown out trying to make it a triple. Santarelli walks. Prybylski grounds into a force play.

Bottom of 2nd;

Brody Strickland, pitching;

Braxton Danielson leads off with a single to center followed by JR Litkey’s single ti left.Isaiah Barlow fouls out to first. During Payton Weide’s strike out Danielson scores on a wild pitch. Jarret Fonk lines out to short to end the inning.

American 3 National 1

Top of 3rd;

Braxton Danielson, pitching;

Strickland leads off with a single to center. Blatter walks and Strickland scores on a passed ball. Tift grounds out to third. Schnaare and Scheele strike out to end the inning.

Bottom of 3rd

Dylan Schnaare, pitching;

Carter Allen strikes out. Davidson reaches on an error. Moreland strikes out. DiVito flies out to left. Ininng over.

American 5 National 1

Top of 4th:

Julian Gutierrez pitching

Dylan Germain strikes out. Charlie Guttormsen singles to left and is thrown out trying to stretch it into a double. Blake Quinones singles to center. Nathan Jaffray stikes out ending the inning.

Bottom of 4th;

Blake Quinones pitching:

Matthew Bauman lines out to the pitcher. Jacob Johnson reaches on an error. Julian Gutierrez walks. Johnny Roehl triples to right scoring Johnson and Guiterrez. Austin Ballard single to center scores Roehl. Connor Wilson strikes out. Brady McGovern ends the inning with a deep fly to center.

American 5 National 4

Top of 5th

Johnny Roehl pitching;

Brody Gehrke leads off with a walk. Henry McTernan is hit by a pitch. Corbin Hansler strikes out and Gehrke scores on a wild pitch. During Jonathan Arnold’s strike out Mc Ternan scores on a passed ball. Tyler Anderson lines a shot to first to end the inning.

Bottom of 5th

Nathan Jaffray pitching;

Aiden Kilman strikes out. Colin Schwandt grounds out to first. Inning ends with Baumann grounding out to second.

American 7 National 4

Top of 6th

Matthew Baumann pitching;

Germain singles to right. Guttormsen walks. Quinones singles to center scoring Germain. Jaffray smashes a three run homer to right scoring Guttormsen and Quinones. Gehrke strikes out. McTernan singles to left. Hansler is hit by a pitch. Arnold strikes out. Anderson ends the inning by grounding out to the pitcher.

Bottom of 6th

Jonathan Arnold  pitching;

Johnson flies out to right. Gutierrez is hit by a pitch. Roehl and Ballard each ground into fielders choice to end the inning.

American 11 National 4

Top of 7th

Patrick Davidson  pitching;

Kenesie leads off with a single to left. Blatter flies out to center. Prybylski walks. Quinones hits a sacrifice fly to deep center scoring Kenesie. Gehrke flies out to right to end the inning.

Bottom of 7th;

Joey Prybylski pitching:

Davidson singles to center. Danielson fouls out to first. Davidson scores on DiVito’s ground out to short. Roehl pops out to the second to end the inning.

American 12 National 5

Top of 8th

Logan DiVito pitching;

Ruffner grounds out to the pitcher. Hansler reaches on an error. Scheele and Arnold walk, Hansler scores on a passed ball. Kenesie reaches on a fielders choice. The inning ends with Jaffray striking out.

Bottom of 8th

Tino Santarelli pitching;

Litkey leads off with a walk and scores on a passed ball. Moreland flies out to center. Weide, Killman, and Fonk walk. Weide is out at the plate on a wild pitch. Kilman scores on a passed ball. Davidson strikes out to end the inning.

American 13 National 7

Top of 9th

Jacob Johnson pitching;

Prybylski leads off with a single to right. Quinones reaches on a fielders choice.7

Bottom of 9th

Peltier sngled. Haubrich popped out. Corcoran & Thoe single scoring Bentz. Siltala walked. Chalgren pops out. Rugg grounded out.

National 13 American 7