Little Leaguers of Kenosha


69th Annual 12 Year Old

All Star Game Summary

June 18th, 2023

The All Stars again were voted in to represent their team in the 70th annual classic. The 2023 American League captain was Mason Knight and National League captain was Owen Callahan. The captains then selected their respective teammates.

American League Roster:
Manager – . Coaches – . Players – .

National League Roster: 
Manager – . Coaches – . Players – .

Top of 1st

Tommy Kelley, pitching.

Lead off batter Enzo Coniker walks. Izzy Aulozzi, grounds out to second, runner advances to second. Kaiden Berger hits a sacrifice fly to right scoring Coniker. Lance Schwandt strikes out.

1 run, 0 hits

Bottom of 1st

Izzy Aulozzi, pitching.

Tommy Kelley draws a lead off walk. LT Morin grounds out into a double play. Owen Callahan walks. Chase Ainsworth flies out to right.

0 runs 0 hits

American 1 National 0

Top of 2nd

Owen Callahan, pitching.

Teddy Briggs singles to right. Max Scuglik , Trystan Bartel, & Amedeo Arnone strike out.

0 runs, 0 hits, 1 error

Bottom of 2nd

Trystan Bartel, pitching.

Jonah Llanas strikes out. Jack Owens doubles to left. Tommy Domin grounds out to second advancing the runner. Ginobili Gonzales draws a walk. Owens scores on a wild pitch. Ian DiVito pops out to the second baseman.

1 run, 1 hit, error

American 1 National 1

Top of 3rd

LT Morin, pitching.

Owen Staniec walks. Coniker strikes out. Aulozzi reaches on an error. Staniec scores on a wild pitch. Berger grounds out to second, scoring Aulozzi. Schwandt walks & eventually scores on a wild pitch. Briggs doubles to center scoring Schwandt. Briggs is tagged out trying to score on a wild pitch.

3 runs,1 hit, 1 error.

Bottom of 3rd

Enzo Coniker, pitching.

Kelley strikes out. Morin lines a double to right center. Callahan lines to the pitcher. Ainsworth strikes out.

0 runs 1 hit

American 4 National 1

Top of 4th

Dominic Sturino, pitching.

Mason Knight leads off with a triple. Talon Belongia draws a walk. Joey Dzbinski strikes out, Knight scores on a wild pitch. Aiden Nelson walks. Zoey Knudsen strikes out.

1 run, 1 hit

Bottom of 4th

Zoey Knudsen, pitching.

Sturino srikes out. Clay Tithof singles up the middle. Wyatt Knudsen knocks in Tithof. Nash Covelli & Johnny Bach strike out looking.

1 run, 2 hits

American 5 National 2

Top of 5th

Clay Tithof, pitching.

Braden Foster looks at strike three. Mason Gename singles to left. Billy Winberg takes strike three. Knight grounds out to first.

0 runs, 1 hit

Bottom of 5th

Mason Knight, pitching.

Noah Benzaquen strikes out. Hayden Hansen grounds out to second. Nolan Tango strikes out.

0 runs, 0 hits

American 5 National 2

Top of 6th

Wyatt Knudsen, pitching.

Belongia walks. Dzbinski’s double to right, scores Belongia. Rhodes draws a base on balls. Nelson is hit by a pitch. Zoey Knudsen pops out to the third baseman. Foster looks at strike three. Gename strikes out.

1 run, 1 hit

Bottom of 6th

Austin Rhodes, pitching.

Jackson Walentowski flies out to center. Sturino doubles to left & later scores on a wild pitch. Tithof grounds out to short. Wyatt Knudsen draws a walk. Covelli strikes out.

1 run, 1 hit

American 6 National 3

Top of 7th

Noah Benzaquen, pitching.

Knight singles to left, reaches third on an error. Belongia is hit by a pitch. Aullozzi pops out to the third baseman. Schwandt doubles to left center scoring Knight. Berger singles to left scoring Belongia. Coniker singles to right & Schwandt scores. Dzbinski doubles to right center scoring Berger. Nelson singles scoring Coniker.

Ian DiVito now pitching.

Scuglik walks. Knight singles to left scoring Dzbinski. Belongia doubles to left scoring Nelson & Scuglik. Aulozzi grounds out to short. Schwandt walks. Berger doubles to left scoring Knight & Belongia. Coniker reaches on an error & Berger scores. Dzbinski singles to center. Nelson strikes out.

12 runs, 11 hits

Bottom of 7th

Lance Schwandt, pitching.

Gonzales strikes out. DiVito strikes out looking. Covelli grounds out to third.

0 runs, 0 hits

American 18 National 2

Top of 8th

Jonah Llanas, pitching.

Zoey Knudsen strikes out. Barth draws a base on balls. Rhodes flies out to center. Foster grounds out to short.

0 runs, 0 hits

Bottom of 8th

Caden Berger, pitching.

Tongco strikes out. Benzaquen doubles to left center. Owens strikes out. Walentoski looks at strike three.

0 runs, 1 hit

American 18 National 2

Top of 9th

Chase Ainsworth, pitching.

Gename lines out to short. Winberg takes strike three. Staniec looks at strike three.

0 runs, 0 hits

Bottom of 9th

Talon Belongia, pitching.

Wyatt Knudsen singles to center. Callahan flies out deep to right. Llanas walks. Schwandt reaches on a fielders choice, Llanas forced at second. Bach takes strike three.

0 runs 0 hits

Final score: American 18 National 3

2023 Skills Competition Winners

Base RunningTommy Kelley
Kaiden Berger
Throwing AccuracyDominic Sturino
Teddy Briggs
Homerun DerbyTommy Kelley